Twin Eyeleting Machine JZ-968G2

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It is can simultaneously fix 2 rivets at a time. Distance between two rivets can be adjustable.

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Model JZ-968G2 JZ-968M2
Eyelet flange diameter O6-28mm 6-15mm
Eyelet barrel diameter (P3-12mm 3-5mm
Eyelet length 3-8mm 3-8mm
Throat depth 250mm 250mm
Power 3/4HP 3/4HP
Machine size(L*W*H) 720x660x1600mm3 720*660*1600mm3
Net weight 260kg 260KG
Gross weight 330 kg 330KG


Specially used for fixing two eyelets / hollow rivets on packing box, stationery box, lever arch file, file folder briefcases, clipboards…etc. This machine adopts double-head work at the same time, is able to rivet two eyelets at the same time, and can adjust the distance according to product demand. It’s mainly used for paper bags, packaging boxes and other industries.



Suitable for fixing two rivets at the same time on packing box, stationery box, Notebook.

1.The machine can automatically punch or continuously punch and rivet eyelets, the punching and eyeleting can be finished once;
2.Can adjust the pitch of two eyelets freely according to the requirement, adjustable distance between two eyelets (7-15cm);
3. Available for continuous eyelets feeding;
4.Easy operation, automatic feeding eyelets, puncture and bending edge all finished in one move;
5.After binding, eyelets edge is smooth and good looking; locking strength is strong, not easy to tear out;
6. This eyeleting machine use electric power in place of labor power. To save the operator work force and improve working efficiency greatly;
7. High production efficiency with riveting of 40-60 times in one minute;
8. Fast and reliable operation;
9. A cast iron worktable, which ensures high stability during operation;
10. More accurate setting process compared with manual riveting machines;
11. Adopt a turntable for dividing materials. Rail conveying automatic feeding;


Model: JZ-968G2
Eyelet flange diameter:6-28mm
Eyelet barrel diameter:3-12mm
Eyelet length:3-8mm
Throat depth:250mm
Power: 3/4HP
Machine size: 720*660*1600mm3
Net weight/ Gross weight: 260KG / 330KG

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