Spine Pocket High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine for Lever Arch FileJZ-5000FA

Short Description:

Model: JZ-5000FA

H.F.Out-Power: 5kw

Oscillation Frequency: 27.12MHZ

Power Supply:AC220/380/400/415/440V 3/1,Voltage to be arranged at instruction

Input Power: 8.5KVA

Oscillation Tube: 7T85RB

Rectifier: Silicon Diode

Max.Pressure: 200KG

Electrode Intermission(mm):170mm


Disc Dimension(mm): 350*680/400*800

Operation Method: Pedal / Pneumatic

Net Weight: 400KG

Gross Weight: 500KG

Product Detail

Product Tags


Used for shoes, trademarks, rain canvas, sand beach chairs, portfolios, handbags, sand beach bags, stationeries, nameplates, vehicle cushions, sunshade board, garments, etc.

JZ-5000FA (2)


1.Spark Suppressor

The device of electric EDR can be able to cut off the spark as it comes into being, and it will help to reduce the damage of electrode and raw material meanwhile it will give the warning by the light.
2.Electric Wave Interference Attester Device

The device assembled with the high frequency stabilizer and leak electricity suppressor.
3.Safety Device

The overload relays will protect the oscillation pipe and rectifier automatically as the over-value, also it can be avoided to the frequency drift.
4.Powerful Machine Head

It is assembled with stepping board in great pressure of 400KGS. And it is so easy to operate that handle any difficulties.

5.Easy Adjuster

The output power can be adjusted by size of electrode and thickness of raw material, and it is assembled with various controllers and the special circuit, which would improve the production output.

6.Multi-Function Stroke

It is easy to adjust the head stroke according to different situation, which can be able to save the labor power and assure that the quality accuracy rises to 98%.

7.Pneumatic Pressure Device

It is easy to adjust the pneumatic pressure according to different situation, and it can reduce the work rate and improve the quality while other pneumatic pressure device also assembled with the high frequency pressure and air pressure human operation.

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