Servo Motor Automatic Metal Snap Button / Jeans Button Attaching Machine JZ-989N3

Short Description:

Model: JZ-989N3

Snap button head diameter:6-20mm

Snap button diameter: 3-5mm

Snap Button length:3-8mm

Throat depth:130mm

Power: 0.37kw

Machine size: 590*550*1400mm3

Net weight/ Gross weight: 120KG / 160KG

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Model  JZ-989N2
Snap button head diameter 6-20mm
Snap button diameter  3-5mm
Snap Button length 3-8mm
Throat depth 130mm
Power  0.37kw
Machine size  590*550*1400mm3
Net weight/ Gross weight  120KG / 160KG


Suitable for fixing metal snap button, spring snap button, single cap rivet, jeans button, pocket rivet on children's clothes, jeans, down jacket, casual shirts, leather handbags, belt etc.


1.Automatic feeding cap & female / male snap parts, different with previous manual feed by hands.

2.Simple operation, stable performance without manual feed, no injury, more safety;

3.Adopt mechanical power, riveting frequency is up to 80 - 120 times per minute that is 4-6 times of manual operation. High working efficiency;

4.High compatibility: different sizes of snap button can be used on the same machine, by simply replacing the automatic feeding system & die set.

5.Machine with Servo Motor, Low noise;

6.Suitable for power supply in different regions & nations.

7.Adopt touch screen and PLC control to detect fault and display automatically; it's easy to operate and maintain.

8.Select frequency conversion and electric energy braking system that has low noise during operation, no obvious mechanical impact, simple and durable structure and is energy saving;

9.It has laser positioning and counting function which makes fixing more accurate and statistics easier;

10.Can adjust the operation speed according to operator speed;

11.Good fastening effect: the sample effect is neat, firm, beautiful and not deformed.

12.Simple operation: After receiving the machine, remove the outer packaging, connect the power, hit pedal, then it can start to work.

13.The machine can save energy, and is an environmental protection machine.

14.Widely applications: It is widely used in packaging, clothing, bags, medical, maternal and children suppliers, daily necessities home textiles, printing and other industries;

15. Machine is small for easy handling and movement.


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