Automatic Hang Tag Eyeleting Machine JZ-918GT

Short Description:

● Microcomputer control;

●  Fully automatic feed eyelet and hang tag, punching and fixing at the same time;

● Precise positioning, stable performance and good eyeleting effect.

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Model JZ-918GT
Eyelet flange diameter 6-33mm
Eyelet barrel diameter 3-12mm
Eyelet length 3-8mm
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Throat depth 60mm
Power 1/2HP
Machine size(L*W*H) 1340*870*1550mm3
Net weight 130KG
Gross weight 180KG


Suitable for fixing eyelets/grommets on hang tag for shoes, garments, handbags, belt···etc.



1. Pneumatic machine, stable performance, low noise.

2. Automatic feeding of both eyelets & necked washer, solve the speed of manual feeding and improve the production efficiency. make the operator avoid injure, more safety.

3. It’s can be punching & fixing eyelet at the same machine. Hole pre-punching is not necessary.

4. It’s setting 2400-3600pcs in one hour, with high efficiency.

5. Adopting infrared indicator light, precise positioning, time-saving and labor-saving.

6. With touch computer display control panel, it is more convenient to manage operation, parameter setting and functional selection.

7. With CE certificate, product quality and safety are more guaranteed.

8. Different sample effect with different die set, there have cutting die, flange die, flower die for customer choose. with good eyeleting effect.

9. Simple operation, simple structure and more convenient maintenance.

10. One year warranty, except human factors and wearing parts.

11. Applicable to different countries, different regions of different voltage: 220V single-phase, 380V three-phase, 110V single-phase...... And so on.

12. the feeding accessories are completely customized according to the position of the product, hole size, and adjusted according to the thickness of the material, and can be directly used only by connecting the power supply.

13. Provide good after-sales service system to solve various problems encountered by customers in the process of use.

14. A wide range of applications, suitable for different products, different specifications, different materials, different shapes of metal cable riveting, can accept special customization.



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